holy trinity

The new Trinity Collection from Alex and Chloe is a little bit "Like a Prayer" and a little bit Fairuza Balk in The Craft. (Which, as we all know, is really just Fairuza Balk in real life.)

While the jewelry designers are best known for their laser cut Kate Moss necklace, Trinity is an homage to all things gothic and earthy and occult and Catholic. In their words, it offers "a slightly darkened view on modern religion with ethereal touches and punk-rock influence." So yes, it's full of pyramid studs and crosses and metals that look like they were buried underground for a few hundred years.

But this green and blue opal, antique brass pendant is truly the pièce de résistance. It definitely belongs as the relic Nicholas Cage is looking for in some action film about ancient buried treasures with unknowable powers. And around my neck.

lovemade x han cholo

Now this is what I call a clip-on earring.

Linda Ngyuen, the force behind Los Angeles creative collective Lovemade, has joined forces with hipster jewelry designer Bradon Schoolhouse of Han Cholo on this new, innovative earpiece. The chain and heart charm ear cuff will come in silver, rose gold, gunmetal...really, any finish you can dream of. It hooks around the ear, so no piercing is required, and they'll even customize the number and type of chains and charms for the ultra-fussy among us.

Any earring that grazes (or, in this case, far surpasses) the collarbone is fine by me. And how great would it be to juxtapose the aggressive, hip-hop drama of this design with some good old, grandma-approved rose gold?

house of love and luck

I'm well aware that I'm late to the game on House of Love and Luck, the vintage costume jewelry shop that opened a little while ago on La Cienega near the new Largo theater. But I stopped in on Saturday and wanted to move in. The store is full of primarily 60s-80s era pieces, and most of it is oversized and dramatic, as I believe all jewelry should be. The store is cute and quirky, and you can tell the owners wouldn't mind if you lounged around all day opening drawers, trying on rings, and generally fawning over their collection.

While every item is clearly carefully selected and the prices are very reasonable, there was on particular necklace I fell in love with: the vintage Lanvin cross choker in silver (pictured on he far right.) It is so Madonna-meets-Diana-Vreeland. I couldn't quite bring myself to make the splurge, but if it's still there next time, I might have a harder time controlling myself.

azature: dynasty

There are distinct advantages to being b.f.f. with a jewelry designer--especially when you share a love of excess and hot pink. Witness my favorite piece from my dear and talented friend Azature's newly launched his new Spring/Summer A.Z. line.

He's calling the collection Dynasty. It's is the perfect name in my mind, because everything is equal parts Joan Collins and Jem. It's all big and heavy and somewhere beyond statement-making, with a focus on hot pink, matte black and silver mesh-covered glass gems and oxidized chain.

I had a coronary when he showed me this necklace and got my very own last night. It is a love letter to myself circa 1989, when I wanted to join The Holograms and wore a pair of glittery, pink cowboy boots with everything.