crystal rock

I don't like most anything that feels hippy-ish, but I do like this crystal image and tee, designed by Leslie David for Surface to Air. It's much more outer space than nature, which comforts me.

In general, though, crystals are kind of growing on me right now. (Ha.) This weekend I went to the opening of Iko Iko in Angelino Heights with my friend Erin, a writer at Racked LA. The store is one of those high-concept "pop-up shops" that are so ubiquitous in Los Angeles right now. Iko Iko sells things like drop-crotch floral bike shorts and felted human hair. (I meant to ask the store owner what one does with a patch of felted human hair, but forgot. I maybe should have also asked what one does with drop-crotch floral bike shorts.)

Among the handmade wares for sale were some pretty, but rickety, wooden boxes. The lids were mirrored and dotted with glittery, split-open rocks and geodes, and the boxes were an actually affordable version of a similar item that interior designer Kelly Wearstler once made and attempted to sell for something like $8,000. Bonus: these were one-of-a-kind and remarkably less expensive. I also spotted some very cute handcrafted leather satchels, which, to my dismay, were meant to hold healing crystals in. I'm about as far from mystical as is possible, but I was still a little enchanted. But I would only wear such a thing if it was empty because I am too afraid of becoming a crystal-healing fanatic. (Everyone knows crystals are a gateway substance to incense.) Usually, these pretty little pouches would be an item I would despise for reminding me of things I do not like, like Devendra Banhart and people who purposely avoid hair-washing. But they were so soft and in such anti-earthtone pastel shades.

Still, if I'm ever tempted to sling a rock in one of those precious pouches, I will just re-read this quote I found on a Web site about the endless powers of crystals. (Which, let's remind ourselves, are basically pretty rocks): "For me, gemstone therapies have energized me, healed illness, helped me break bad habits, healed dog bites, and changed my life."